Google might be dealing with a call streaming function for Android 14 

Google Nearby Calling


  • Code within Android 14 Designer Sneak peek 2 helps with audio interception and recording.
  • This might be utilized to stream telephone call audio in between Android gadgets.
  • This function is not verified, nor revealed however might be available in future Android releases.

Apple has a cool technique in its community called Connection. When you check in to your Apple ID on numerous gadgets, you can utilize Connection to move effortlessly in between them. For example, you can take a call on your iPad or Mac, despite the fact that those gadgets do not have standard telephone hardware or functions. If you’re an Android fan, Google might be dealing with its own variation of this call streaming function, letting you take call on your Android tablet.

Android 14 Designer Sneak Peek 2 has actually included a brand-new SYSTEM_CALL_STREAMING function that apps can ask for to hold, giving them specific consents and benefits. As identified by Mishaal Rahman, this function grants consents connected to audio interception and recording and will likely be utilized to stream telephone call audio in between Android gadgets.

As Mishaal theorizes, this function and accompanying APIs might be utilized in the future to stream voice call audio from an Android phone to an Android tablet So when you have an inbound get in touch with your phone, you can stream it to your tablet if that is easier for you.

There’s more proof backing assistance for this function. A long time back, Mishaal had likewise spotted a “Cross-Device Interaction Service” app in the Android 12L Designer Sneak peek that would in theory assist in a “neighboring calling” function in between Pixel phones and the Nest Center

Google Nearby Calling feature leak

Google has not formally verified that the function is coming. However all of these modifications were identified in formally launched designer sneak peeks and documents, implying that the business is undoubtedly dealing with these functions. We do not understand when the function will be launched or if it will be launched at all. However the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet would be the very best item to display this function.

Even More, we do not understand if the function will be offered for all Android phones and tablets or be locked to the Google Pixel community just. Apple connects its call connection function to a typical Apple ID sign-in, so it is reasonable to anticipate Google will likewise need a typical Google account signed into the gadgets where you wish to utilize call streaming. So you would require Google Play Solutions, at the minimum.

Call streaming is a cool function that will display the Android community. It will be really hassle-free for individuals who own numerous Android gadgets. We hope Google thinks about launching this function quickly.

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