Google Drive executes brand-new file limitation that’s locking some users out

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  • Google has actually restricted the variety of files a user can save on Google Drive.
  • Google never ever formally revealed this limitation.
  • Users over the limitation are successfully locked out of their accounts up until they erase files.

Some Google Drive users are getting a rather nasty surprise. It appears that a brand-new limitation has actually been placed on Google Drive and it’s triggering a great deal of issues for some users.

As found by Ars Technica, some Google Drive users have actually required to Reddit to report a worrying concern with Google Drive. According to the users, they got a message that declared they went beyond the variety of products enabled, and brand-new files will not be accepted up until existing ones are erased. This concern appears to be impacting both totally free and paid accounts.

It appears that Google has actually put a tough cap on the variety of files somebody can have kept on their account, despite just how much area is utilized. Google’s assistance group has actually supposedly verified this holds true to a few of the impacted users. As an outcome, these users have actually been successfully locked out of their accounts up until they erase enough files.

If you’re questioning what the limitation is, it appears like the magic number is 5 million products. This was exposed after users began seeing a brand-new message in March.

Mistake 403: This account has actually gone beyond the development limitation of 5 million products. To produce more products, relocation products to the garbage and erase them permanently.

A post from Google’s API Concern Tracker exposes that the business presented this limitation in February, however it simply began imposing the guideline now. While there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with enforcing such a limitation, the concern here is that Google never ever formally made this limitation understood.

Google makes it clear that every Google Drive account uses a limitation of 15GB of storage area. And you can get more if you spend for Google One storage strategies. Nevertheless, not just did Google never ever formally reveal this limitation, however no documents on Google’s assistance pages discusses this either. As an outcome, these impacted users had no caution as they approached or exceeded this limitation.

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