ADU 01264: What’s the deal with hand catching drones?

Hand catching a drone – You’ve possibly seen pilots doing this or seen a social media post of a horrific injury while performing the act but is hand catching really required? Should pilots follow them or is it an unsafe practice that should be avoided?

Today, we answer everything we know about hand catching a drone and we would like to thank Tom who’s question today is all about hand catching and if there are any benefits to performing them?

Today’s question is brought to you by the PROPS program, a program specifically designed, and caters to the needs of groups of pilots. It is ideally meant for team of pilots, and organizations that want multiple pilots to progress through their learning curve together. Props allows teams to monitor progress, manage and document learning and ensure a larger audience are progressing together.

We start off today’s show discussing why hand catching is a practical and effective process for drone pilots to follow and what process should pilots follow for performing hand catching. We discuss how hand catching can be very effective in certain flying conditions and environments and how drone pilots can perform hand catching.

We then discuss details of principles that are involved with hand catching. Commonly called the 90 degree rule, we discuss the relevance of rotating a drone by 90 degree and expected outcome of such practices. Next we discuss if hand catching is pertinent to all drones and if all drones behave similarly to hand catching process and how newer drones have different firmware that can cause a different reaction to hand catching practice.

Lastly we discuss about safety incidents arising from hand catching and how pilots can steer clear off them by following simple safety precautions. Towards the end of the podcast, we new courses and classes coming up for Drone U members and the new learning that pilots can obtain from these courses.

Today’s show is an exciting one relevant to a very practice approach to handling your drone. Tune In !!

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Get Your Biggest and Most Common Drone Certificate Questions Answered by Downloading this FREE Part 107 PDF

Make sure to get yourself the all-new Drone U landing pad!

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[1:10] Today’s show is on hand-catching drones – The practical reason to do it
[3:05] Today’s question is brought to you by PROPS
[5:24] Question on hand-catching and is it a good ideas to hand-catch drones? is it a good process? and what process should one follow?
[6:51] What is the 90 degree rule? and why should you know it?
[7:38] How to perform hand-catching of a drone? and is it model dependent?
[9:11] The drones that do not qualify for hand-catching and why these dont qualify?
[13:18] The safety precaustions that pilots should follow to avoid injuries.
[15:15] New classes and courses for Drone U members.

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