High/Low: Chic Portable Lighting, Indoor/Outdoor Edition

Recently we discovered ourselves appreciating Spanish style business Santa & & Cole’s(* )portable Cordless Básica Mínima Batería light, readily available at Ponytail in Charleston, SC, our brand-new preferred interiors store. Here’s a roundup of high/medium/low choices:

Above: The

basica minima bateria cartulina santa cole 2021 10 v1 x1700 copy
Cordless Básica Mínima Batería light is $550 from Ponytail. The base is made from birch wood and 2 lampshade choices are readily available: pleated natural parchment and ribbon sewed (revealed above). “With a light touch, the light switches on and off, making it a light and useful buddy,” according to Santa & & Cole. Above: The
nordic wooden linen shade cordless table lamp
Nordic Wood Linen Shade Cordless Table Light is $129. Above: The
tulbeys cordless table lamp
Tulbeys Cordless Three-Way Table Light has a linen water resistant shade and wood base; $41.99 from Amazon. For more lighting concepts, see all our choices

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