‘I’m worried my good friends will believe I’m low-cost’: I utilized to provide good friends’ kids $100 present cards, however I left my task in tech. Is $25 an insult?

Dear Quentin,

I am 52 and live alone on a single earnings.

For the previous 15 years, I made a big wage in a requiring function at a tech business. The business was offered and I required time off and after that began a various task in a brand-new market. I make half of my old wage, and I have 75% less tension.

I have actually been generous in the past when providing presents for graduations or birthdays for my sis’s or good friends’ kids ($ 50 or $100 present cards). Now my budget plan is significantly decreased, and I can just use $25 present cards. Is that an insult?

I am worried my good friends will believe I’m low-cost.

Do you have recommendations for me?

Auntie and Buddy Who Wishes to Do the Right Thing

Dear Auntie and Buddy,

What matters is that you remember their birthdays and mark their graduations– not whether you provide $25, $50 or $100. There’s something better than a $100 present card, which’s a card with a message stating you want you might be there to commemorate.

We are all under orders from rules specialists to provide X quantity if you’re a moms and dad and Y quantity if you’re an auntie or uncle or a buddy. This guide even recommends that you include $100 for every single degree made. What a load of poppycock!

However there is no set guideline. All of it depends upon what you can pay for. You might likewise purchase something like a parlor game or card video game for the whole household to take pleasure in. Monopoly has editions for numerous U.S. cities.

The factor rules specialists provide varieties for just how much to provide for graduations, birthdays, communions and bar or bat mitzvahs is to assist eliminate any social awkwardness and supply a structure to make life simpler. All those guides must have cautions based upon earnings.

The Moneyist, to be reasonable, is guilty of this too. I advise tipping in dining establishments approximately 20%, although that differs by dining establishment and by city. However I do not believe your good friends or brother or sisters are holding you to the very same individually social agreement that a client participates in with wait personnel.

Your brother or sisters’ and good friends’ kids will get numerous cards from family and friends for birthdays and other unique events. I do not see them shaking each envelope for a check or a $50 present card. Kids wish to be kept in mind by their family and friends, and they wish to be seen.

You might likewise do other things like take them to the films, out for pizza or for a video game of tennis in the park when you’re next in the area. There are many methods to get in touch with your nieces and nephews and your good friends’ kids.

Keep in mind: time + birthday card = memories.


present cards can’t put a rate on that.

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