Medical Gadget Supervisor With Shoulder Injury Wins Mutual of Omaha Impairment Advantage Appeal

2 shoulder surgical treatments and Shared of Omaha informs our customer that she is no longer handicapped. Mutual of Omaha made this choice on dependence of the viewpoint of a nurse that just evaluated medical records. This Shared of Omaha long term special needs rejection is an example of the common special needs rejection we see.

This case was relatively outright as our customer had substantial and persistent shoulder condition that avoided her from securely doing her task as a medical gadget supervisor.

In this video long term special needs insurance coverage lawyers Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia talk about Shared of Omaha’s factors for rejecting advantages and the methods we required to get the special needs advantage rejection reversed.

  • What did Mutual of Omaha trust to reject special needs advantages after spending for 10 months?
  • Could anything have been done in a different way to prevent the Mutual of Omaha special needs rejection?
  • How can Mutual of Omaha count on the viewpoint of their own nurse over the plaintiff’s orthopedic cosmetic surgeon?
  • What was the technique utilized by lawyer Cesar Gavidia to win this Shared of Omaha special needs appeal?

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