The Misconception of a Strong Customer

We are informed over and over and over once again that the customer remains in fantastic shape. They’re taking in all of these rate boosts like no one’s company and they keep shopping. And, naturally, you understand, we have actually had wage gains and individuals are continuing to request more. So do not stress. It is the customer that will assist us prevent any level of economic crisis since they remain in fantastic shape.


0:00 Introduction
1:22 P&G Profits Amidst Inflation
4:24 Income to Income
6:53 Absence of Retirement
10:00 Customer loans
12:42 Small Company in Difficulty
14:45 United States Employee Pay Need
17:12 Finish Up



More Gen Z Grownups Are Living Income to Income in the United States– Bloomberg

What United States Jobs Pay From Cashiers to CEOs; Wages Typical $47,000– Bloomberg

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