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When it pertains to chemicals utilized in the manufacture of IT items, extremely couple of have actually been studied for their influence on human beings and the environment. To speed up the shift to much safer options, the TCO Licensed Accepted Compound List provides compounds shown to be a much better option, a relocation which the group behind it recommends as ground-breaking. 6 more procedure chemicals have actually just recently been contributed to the list.

Dangerous compounds utilized by the IT market are a danger to both human beings and the environment. Dioxins, halogens and other poisonous compounds wind up in the natural surroundings since of inappropriate usage in production and when items are not recycled properly in a regulated environment. Considering that an extremely low portion of compounds have actually been studied and hazard-assessed, just prohibiting a couple of compounds that have actually been shown to be damaging is inadequate. Compounds need to rather constantly be thought about dangerous till tested much safer prior to they are utilized.

TCO Licensed is a designer of sustainability accreditation for IT items. With the ground-breaking TCO Licensed Accepted Compound List, the group states it is working to guarantee more openness in this field, and to promote a shift to much safer compounds. As the list is public and offered to everybody, it is hoped it will assist to drive chemical security in the IT market and society as a whole.

” While a couple of dangerous compounds have actually been phased out through legislation, insufficient is learnt about the compounds utilized to change them. Regulative advancement drags. TCO Licensed Accepted Compound List causes lots of sustainability advantages such as increased openness, closed information spaces, and a much faster move to much safer options”, states Stephen Fuller, professional on dangerous compounds at TCO Advancement, the company behind TCO Licensed.

Just recently, 6 brand-new compounds (all procedure chemicals) were contributed to the list:

  • n-Butanol (71-36-3)
  • Butanone (78-93-3)
  • Ammonium hydroxide (1336-21-6)
  • CYBERSOLV (C8882 and C8622)
  • Important (GW9066)

The complete list with all much safer compounds is offered here

Requirements restricting making use of dangerous compounds have actually become part of TCO Licensed considering that 1995. Just plasticizers and flame retardants consisted of on TCO Licensed Accepted Compound List can be utilized in licensed items. TCO Licensed Accepted Compound List continues to broaden to consist of extra compounds that are determined as much safer options for both human beings and the environment. In 2021 the system was broadened from compounds utilized in items to likewise cover cleaner and degreaser compounds utilized in the production procedures.

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