Automatic Database Tuning with Andy Pavlo

The default setup in the majority of databases is suggested for broad compatibility instead of efficiency. Database tuning is a procedure in which the setups of a database are customized to attain ideal efficiency. Databases have numerous setup knobs that manage numerous aspects, such as the quantity of memory to utilize for caches or how frequently the information is composed to the storage.

The issue with these knobs is that

  • they are not standardized (i.e., 2 databases might have a various name for the exact same knob),
  • not independent (i.e., altering one knob can affect others),
  • and not universal (i.e., what works for one application might be suboptimal for another).

In truth, details about the results of the knobs generally comes just from (costly) experience.

OtterTune is automated database tuning software application that assures to conquer these issues. It utilizes maker finding out to tune the setup knobs of your database instantly to enhance efficiency.

In this episode, we speak with Andy Pavlo Andy is a Database Teacher at Carnegie Mellon and Co-Founder of OtterTune.

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