Groww Interview Experience for SDET Intern

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Groww is an innovative online financial investment platform that supplies financiers with an easy to use user interface to buy a wide variety of shared funds and stocks.

Application Process

  • Groww pertained to our university( Chandigarh University) for 1-year internship + performance-based PPO.
  • Stream Required- B.E/ B.Tech( CSE/IT)
  • Eligibility Requirements- 8CGPA throughout( both university and school).
  • The entire procedure was divided into 5 rounds.

Round 1( Resume Shortlisting)

In this round, all trainees with an 8 CGPA throughout and an excellent resume were chosen( approx 300 trainees).

Round 2( Online Evaluation)

This was a pure DSA-based round. 2 Coding concerns require to be carried out in 50 minutes.

  • The very first concern was based upon DP on strings (medium level).
  • The 2nd concern was based upon Bit adjustment( medium level).

Just 5 trainees were chosen for additional rounds as the concerns were extremely difficult.

Round 3( Technical Interview- 60 minutes)

There was once again pure DSA + Core topics based round.

  • In the beginning, I welcomed the job interviewer and after some standard intro, he provided me a concern on subsequences( Recursive + DP based). I was unable to totally fix it however attempted to compose recursive code, he was extremely friendly and provided me tips any place required. I took more than anticipated time so he transferred to the next concern.
  • Next, he asked me to describe my technique to the very first concern of the Online Evaluation (as pointed out earlier it was based upon DP on strings) as this was a difficult concern he would like to know how I approached it. I described the technique and he asked me about its time intricacy.
  • Next, in the last 12 minutes, he asked concerns associated with OOPs( abstract class, fixed keyword, and so on) and SQL. These were extremely standard concerns associated with the ACID residential or commercial properties of SQL.
  • At the last 1 minute he asked if I had any concerns, I inquired about the innovations an SDET intern operates in Groww.

It was in general a medium-level round where the job interviewer was extremely friendly and encouraging. Just 2 trainees were chosen for additional procedure.

Round 4( Technical + Managerial Interview- 60 minutes)

This round was totally based upon the job, analytical, and supervisory concerns.

  • There were 2 Recruiters, I welcomed both of them. They asked me to present myself.
  • They straightforwardly asked me about my tasks. I had actually pointed out 2 tasks in my resume, I described both of them.
  • A deep dive into the job was then begun, and all possible concerns associated with the job were asked me( The job was based upon Flutter + Nodejs and MongoDB). I was likewise asked to parse a JSON file they offered to me by sharing the screen.
  • After the very first, it was the turn of the 2nd job( it was based upon Artificial intelligence), once again all possible and associated concerns were asked like Outlier detection, Linear Regression, Confusion Matrix, Design precision, and so on
  • After a conversation of both tasks, I was offered a simple DSA concern based upon String. They asked to me compose its code and describe its time intricacy.
    • After that, it was time for supervisory concerns.
    • Which was the last book you check out? Discuss it.
    • Which sport do you play and why?
    • What would your university life have been if you would not have dealt with covid?
    • Do you utilize Groww? Which function of Groww do you like the majority of and what more brand-new functions do you wish to include?
    • What delights you most besides resolving concerns? and so on. More comparable concerns were asked.

It is extremely crucial to respond to these concerns in a clever method and with an excellent clearheadedness as they can affect your result a lot. Though the round was set up for 60 minutes it lasted for 80 minutes since an excellent conversation was done throughout the interview.

Round 5 (HR Round- 15 minutes)

This round was simply an official conversation over the culture fitment. The following concerns were asked-

  • Why Groww?
  • Which function do you select if you are offered the alternative in between Complete stack and SDET?
  • Inform me about your internship experience.
  • Discuss your patent( I had a patent in my resume, it provided an excellent benefit to me both in the supervisory and HR rounds).
  • Will you appear in additional school positionings? and so on

After one day I got a mail from the Positioning cell that I was chosen for this position( 2 trainees were chosen).

Bottom Line:

  • Be calm and have an excellent conversation with the job interviewer they will certainly assist you out.
  • You ought to understand about whatever composed in your resume.
  • Practice previous years asked DSA concerns for practice.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your tasks.

Last Upgraded:
07 Aug, 2023

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