Previous Gomdar gaydrung misused rural home insurance coverage premiums

Dechen Dolkar

The previous gaydrung of the Gomdar gewog in Samdrupjongkhar misused the rural home insurance coverage premiums totaling up to Nu 31,534.

According to the yearly audit report 2023, the concern appeared throughout the processing of 19 home insurance coverage declares after a windstorm struck the gewog and ruined March 31, 2019.

The audit observed that the previous Gaydrung did not transfer the premiums gathered from 3 families in the gewog.

Authorities from the Royal Insurance Coverage Corporation of Bhutan Limited (RICBL), Samdrupjongkhar together with the authorities with agents from the gewog administration, carried out a comprehensive field evaluation at the afflicted website in April 2020.

It was found that the gathered premiums were not remitted to RICBL.

The matter concerned the notification of the gewog administration about one year and 6 months back and the complaintants neither gotten rural home insurance coverage declares nor administrative action taken versus the previous gaydrung.

The audit encouraged the gewog to recuperate the quantity besides starting legal action versus the gaydrung for denying your house owners of insurance coverage advantages.

The audit even more explained that the gewog administration must recuperate the quantity from the previous gaydrung and settle the charges versus the 3 complaintants.

The audit likewise advised that the gewog administration take legal action versus the previous gaydrung for misusing the cash and denying those insurance providers of the insurance coverage advantage.

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