Biggest Cities in Hawaii: A Property buyer’s Guide for 2024 

Hawaii is a tropical paradise with spectacular beaches, lavish landscapes, and an abundant cultural heritage. Whether you’re absorbing the sun in Honolulu or checking out the natural appeal of East Honolulu, the state provides a special and uplifting experience for homeowners and visitors. With its various neighborhoods, varied cooking scene, and limitless outside activities, Hawaii is a location where you can genuinely live your finest life. So, if you’re thinking about a transfer to Aloha State or just wish to discover more, this Redfin short article will direct you through the greatest cities in Hawaii to check out.

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1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Population: 350,964
Average List Price: $615,000
Honolulu, hello homes for sale
Honolulu, hello homes for lease

Honolulu is a huge city with an abundant history, surrounded by the spectacular appeal of the Pacific Ocean and boasting a varied cultural heritage. The city provides a special mix of modern-day facilities and standard Hawaiian beauty, making it a perfect location to live for those looking for a balance in between city and natural experiences. Honolulu’s areas like Waikiki and Downtown display a busy neighborhood with a wide variety of dining, shopping, and home entertainment alternatives.

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2. East Honolulu, Hawaii

Population: 50,922
Average List Price: $1,345,000
East Honolulu, hello homes for sale

East Honolulu is understood for its elegant way of life and high end suburbs. The city provides a tranquil and attractive environment, with spectacular views of the ocean and mountains. Locals of East Honolulu take pleasure in a tranquil and special neighborhood with access to high-end shopping, dining, and leisure centers.

3. Pearl City, Hawaii

Population: 45,295
Average List Price: $850,000
Pearl City, hello homes for sale
Pearl City, hello homes for lease

On the island of Oahu, Pearl City provides a special mix of city benefit and tropical calmness. With a mix of multiculturalism, lively regional markets, and numerous outside activities such as treking the Aiea Loop Path, residing in Pearl City offers an unified balance in between natural appeal and neighborhood engagement.

4. Hilo, Hawaii

Population: 44,186
Average List Price: $361,000
Hilo, hello homes for sale
Hilo, hello homes for lease

Understood for its lavish jungles and spectacular waterfalls, Hilo offers a relaxing setting for those looking for a slower rate of life. The town accepts its cultural heritage through occasions like the Merrie Emperor Celebration, showcasing standard hula efficiencies and making Hilo an immersive experience in Hawaiian culture and natural appeal.

5. Waipahu, Hawaii

Population: 43,485
Average List Price: $715,000
Waipahu, hello homes for sale
Waipahu, hello homes for lease

Found on the island of Oahu, Waipahu provides a vibrant living experience with an unique mix of heritage and modern-day facilities. As a previous sugar plantation town, Waipahu protects its history through landmarks like the Waipahu Cultural Garden Park, offering a glance into the location’s farming roots.

6. Kailua, Hawaii

Population: 40,514
Average List Price: $1,500,000
Kailua, hello homes for sale
Kailua, hello homes for lease

On the windward side of Oahu, Kailua embodies the embodiment of seaside living with its beautiful beaches and blue-green waters. Locals delight in an unwinded way of life, whether walking along the well-known Lanikai Beach or participating in water sports like kayaking and windsurfing. The town’s lively downtown location matches the beachy environment, providing diverse shops, coffee shops, and a vibrant farmers’ market.

7. Kaneohe, Hawaii

Population: 37,430
Average List Price: $1,040,000
Kaneohe, hello homes for sale
Kaneohe, hello homes for lease

Set down on the eastern side of Oahu, Kaneohe provides a rich and attractive background with its emerald-green mountains and extensive Kaneohe Bay. Locals enjoy the location’s harmony, frequently checking out the spectacular botanical marvels of Ho’omaluhia Arboretum or starting beautiful drives along the H-3 highway.

8. Kahului, Hawaii

Population: 28,219
Average List Price: $849,000
Kahului, hello homes for sale
Kahului, hello homes for lease

Positioned on the island of Maui, Kahului works as the dynamic industrial center of the area, mixing city benefit with the tropical appeal of the Valley Island. Locals gain from distance to significant facilities, consisting of the Kahului Airport and the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, while delighting in the beautiful appeal of close-by beaches like Kanaha Beach Park.

9. Mililani, Hawaii

Population: 28,121
Average List Price: $812,500
Mililani, hello homes for sale
Mililani, hello homes for lease

In the heart of Oahu, Mililani is a rural retreat with a well-planned neighborhood and beautiful environments. Understood for its serene environment, Mililani boasts well-kept parks, terrific schools, and a network of strolling courses, offering homeowners with a comfy and active way of life.

10. Ewa Gentry, Hawaii

Population: 25,707
Average List Price: $780,000
Ewa Gentry, hello homes for sale
Ewa Gentry, hello homes for lease

Ewa Gentry, situated in the southwestern part of Oahu, stands apart as a master-planned neighborhood providing a mix of modern-day benefits. Locals gain from the Ewa Town Center, offering shopping, dining, and home entertainment alternatives, while close-by parks like Ewa Mahiko District Park deal leisure areas for outside lovers.

Approach: The population information was obtained from the United States Census Bureau for 2021, while the mean price information was sourced from the Redfin Data Center in January 2024.

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