Senate Validates Judge Joshua Kolar to 7th Circuit

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TO: ALL MEMBERS OF THE BAR AND ALL PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF ATLANTA The Atlanta Judicial Commission is now accepting elections for the position of Municipal Court Judge for the City of Atlanta Municipal Court. Members of the bar might choose themselves or others, and the general public is welcomed to send elections. Elections in composing should be gotten by February 10, 2024, and need to be resolved to: The Atlanta Judicial Commission c/o Von A. DuBose, Esq. 75 14th Street, NE, Suite 2110, Atlanta, GA 30309 A candidate should be at least 25 years of age, a homeowner of the City of Atlanta for one year prior to visit and will have been confessed to practice law in the State of Georgia for a minimum of 5 years. The Commission will send out an application and letter detailing its schedules and treatments to each candidate. The list of candidates is public details and is offered upon demand. The Commission invites interactions from companies or individuals acquainted with the particular certifications, experience and capability of any candidate however dissuades basic recommendation letter-writing projects in assistance of a candidate. A copy of any interaction concerning a candidate needs to be sent out to all members of the Commission. FOR THE COMMISSION Von A. DuBose, Esq. Chair Members of The Commission Von A. DuBose, Esq. 75 14th Street NE, Suite 2110 Atlanta, Georgia 30309 [email protected] (404) 720 -8111 William A. Morrison, Esq. 50 Hurt Plaza, Suite 1110 Atlanta, Georgia 30303 [email protected] (404) 290-4628 Seth David Kirschenbaum, Esq. 918 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, Georgia 30306 [email protected] (404) 471-3177 David Coleman [email protected] (404) 626-1726 Cheryl Turner, Esq. 83 Richmond Street Atlanta, Georgia 30312 [email protected] Jeffery E. Tompkins, Esq. 3355 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30337 [email protected] (404) 688-4503 Steven K. Weiner, Esq. 730 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 600 Atlanta, Georgia 30308 [email protected] (404) 525-0992 Jan Bryson [email protected] (404) 944-0034

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