How to import your passwords to Chrome and the Google Password Supervisor

One method, nevertheless, that these integrated password supervisors have not withstood their independent rivals is how challenging it was to get pre-existing passwords into their systems. That, nevertheless, might be altering.

If you tend to hang out in the Google community and/ or you have an Android mobile phone, that implies you can be utilizing the Google Password Supervisor to save and sync your passwords through the Chrome internet browser. Up until just recently, however, Google Chrome made it incredibly tough to import passwords from a CSV file. Now, nevertheless, it’s rather basic

Go to Settings to import your CSV password file into Chrome.

This is a lot much easier than the previous workarounds that I attempted in order to import a CSV file into Chrome. Simply for the sake of historic interest, here’s what you utilized to need to perform in order to get your passwords into Chrome’s password supervisor:

The only method to do it that I might discover was to attempt to allow a handicapped Chrome function that enables you to import passwords. After browsing online, I discovered numerous approaches to allow it, depending upon which variation of Chrome you’re running. I am presently running variation 88, and while I had the ability to utilize the following technique to include the import command to Chrome ( thank you to Assisting Tech for pointing me towards this possible service), my copy of Chrome was never ever able to really import the CSV file I had actually downloaded from LastPass.

Be that as it might, here is the procedure I utilized. I’ll let you understand how I lastly handled to get my passwords into Chrome right later.

In Chrome’s Experiments page, you can allow the Import function.

Chrome ought to now have an Import choice under Saved Passwords.

If that works for you– fantastic! If not, then there is a last desperate method to get your passwords into Chrome, which is the one that lastly worked for me.

Firefox has no qualms about importing a CSV password file.

Now that your passwords remain in Firefox, you can move them quickly to Chrome:

Chrome has no issue importing passwords from competing internet browsers.

Update June 9th, 2022, 5:06 PM ET: This post was initially released on February 26th, 2021, and has actually been upgraded to describe that Chrome can import CSV files.

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