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Who would not wish to check out Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island with tropical jungles, waterfalls, mountains, and beaches?

As you venture closer to San Juan, you’ll discover gambling establishments, beach bars, and hotels galore, and the architecture with its colonial design and brilliant colors likewise draws in attention.

Can you fly a drone in Puerto Rico?

You’re allowed to run a drone in Puerto Rico if you have a legitimate drone license and registration (as needed). You should likewise follow FAA standards, such as accepting manned airplane and flying within 400 feet from the ground.

This guide to utilizing drones in Puerto Rico will elaborate even more on taking a drone here, flying it, and what the guidelines are.

Ensure you keep checking out prior to your journey to Puerto Rico!

Bringing a drone to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico belongs of the United States, so if you currently reside in the nation, you should not discover it tough to transfer a drone to the tropical island.

Those checking out Puerto Rico from other nations will need to take more safety measures.

The U.S. Transport Security Administration, much better referred to as the TSA, has numerous guidelines about drone transportation on aircrafts.

For beginners, when bringing your drone into Puerto Rico, you should load it in carry-on travel luggage.

We ‘d suggest doing that anyhow, as you can keep your drone at hand so it can’t be taken or harmed throughout the flight.

Ensure you have actually a bag created to bring drones, as packaging a UAV in any ol’ luggage might cause damage if it scrambles around excessive.

Even more, examine your airline company’s site or call them by phone or e-mail to ask about the size constraints for carry-on travel luggage.

Do this prior to purchasing a drone bag so your carry-on does not wind up being too huge!

The TSA likewise needs you to bring LiPo batteries as a carry-on. If your drone bag has a different compartment for stowing away batteries, that’s best.

Nevertheless, if it does not, you’ll need to buy another bag that fulfills the carry-on size requirements of your airline company.

Can you fly a drone in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico, belonging of the United States, follows the FAA’s standards. Under those standards, you’re allowed to utilize a drone in Puerto Rico if you follow drone laws.

The FAA restricts drone usage in particular parts of Puerto Rico, so let’s take a more detailed look now.


Roughly one hour prior to an occasion or video game and one hour later, your drone can not venture closer to an arena in Puerto Rico than 5 kilometers.

Military setups

The basic range for military setups is 5 nautical miles. The main Army setup in Puerto Rico is Fort Buchanan Army Base, however others consist of:

  • Camp Santiago Army Base, Salinas
  • Fort Allen Army Base, Juana Diaz
  • San Juan Army National Guard, Isla Verde

Airports and heliports

The very same range of 5 nautical miles uses to heliports and airports throughout Puerto Rico. Your drone needs to beware of the following:

  • San Juan Airport
  • Mercedita International Airport
  • Aguadilla Airport
  • Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (in some cases called the Aeropuerto de Isla Grande)

National forest

The National forest Service restricts drone usage throughout United States national forests. While some parks permit drones, the bulk do not, consisting of Puerto Rico’s national forest, San Juan National Historic Website.

The 5 finest locations to fly a drone in Puerto Rico

Now that you know where you can not fly a drone in Puerto Rico, what about the locations where you can?

Let’s discuss 5 excellent places throughout the island.

1. Mar Chiquita

As one of the most popular natural swimming pools in Puerto Rico, it just makes good sense to begin our list with Mar Chiquita.

The swimming pool includes an opening formed like a half-moon that established after limestone protrusions led the way.

The Atlantic Ocean’s beauteous blue waters circulation through, developing a tranquil, inviting environment for sunbathing and swimming.

Considering That it’s a popular part of Puerto Rico, strategy to check out Mar Chiquita throughout off-hours to make sure the location isn’t overcrowded.

Know that this natural swimming pool does not have shade, so use sun block and think about bringing some protective devices to avoid your drone from overheating.

2. Balneario Punta Salinas

You need to check out the beaches if you’re preparing a journey to Puerto Rico, even if you exist on organization.

Balneario Punta Salinas is an excellent one to contribute to your list. The dark sand, blue waters, and cliffside environments that surround the location produce an appealing natural sight.

Balneario Punta Salinas likewise has concession stands, basketball hoops, and lifeguards on responsibility, so keep all that in mind when choosing where to pilot your drone here.

3. Mirador Gavillan

How about some plant while you remain in Puerto Rico? Mirador Gavillan is an attractive park with waving palms, a kids’s backyard, and raised views if you want to do a little climbing up.

From some areas in the park, you can witness close-by San Juan, Guaynabo, Catano, Bayamon, Toa Alta, and Toa Boja.

4. Isla de Cabras

Equating to “Goat Island,” the Isla de Cabras is a little inlet near San Juan Bay. Here, you can see a shooting variety (that regional cops utilize), a leisure park, and El Canuelo or Fortin San Juan de la Cruz.

We suggest making a beeline for the park, as you will not have the ability to utilize your drone for much else on this inlet.

5. Playa Parchola

In Toa Baja, Playa Parchola is an ultra-popular beach with yard, trees aplenty, cliffsides, clear sands, and a best rolling ocean.

Take your drone over the beach and fly gradually to catch the degree of its majesty!

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Drone laws in Puerto Rico

Prior to you start preparing your drone schedule in Puerto Rico, make certain you review these guidelines for drone use on the island.

You should have a legitimate drone license

The FAA needs a legitimate, present drone license when running a UAV throughout the United States, consisting of Puerto Rico. You can just get a license through the FAA by passing an examination.

Pastime pilots should take The Leisure UAS Security Test, likewise referred to as TRUST. This brief, complimentary, online examination is the only method to get a TRUST certificate, which does not end.

Business pilots will take the Part 107 examination to get a Remote Pilot Certificate upon passing. The Part 107 examination is a long, paid, in-person test with a needed passing rating of 70 percent.

The Remote Pilot Certificate stands for 2 years from when the FAA administers it. You can take a complimentary online test to restore your license.

Register your drone

Drones weighing over 0.55 pounds should have an active registration according to the FAA. Your drone registration stands for 3 years.

You should keep your drone within your line of vision

How far you can naturally see your drone is described as its line of vision. The FAA needs you to keep VLOS on your drone or have somebody with you who can do it for you.

You can not utilize a drone over a moving automobile

The Operations over Moving Automobiles law restricts drones from introducing, flying, or landing on a moving automobile under any scenarios.

You can fly your drone around a parked automobile if you have authorization from everybody in the automobile.

You can not fly your drone over individuals

The FAA’s Operations over Individuals law limitations drone operations over crowds. Drones that weigh under 0.55 pounds can fly over individuals, however much heavier drones can not without authorization.

Offer manned airplane the right-of-way

If your drone remains within the needed height limitation when flying in Puerto Rico, you should not experience a manned airplane.

Needs to it ever occur, the manned airplane has the right-of-way, not you.

Do not run your drone in the evening

The FAA permits drones to fly at night in restricted scenarios, however just with previous approval and drone lighting.

If you have neither, just fly your drone in between dawn and sundown.

Do not go beyond 55 pounds

A drone can not fly in Puerto Rico that’s more than 55 pounds. That includes its weight out of package or with the addition of a payload.

Puerto Rico is a wonderful location to check out, and even better, you do not even need to leave the United States to do it.

The FAA makes the drone laws here, which indicates you can fly in a lot of locations throughout Puerto Rico other than over delicate facilities, national forests, airports, and other limited airspace.

Constantly examine your drone map prior to introducing to guarantee you’re flying in Class G airspace. Have a good time out there!

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