22 Finest Things to do in Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan, Alaska is called the Salmon Capital of the world, it houses the world’s biggest collection of standing Totem Poles and it calls itself Alaska’s First City. Ketchikan got its name since it is the very first port of call for cruise liner in the state of Alaska as you Cruise North along the Within Passage. There are a lot of things to do in Ketchikan and we’re going to highlight a few of its leading destinations to assist you choose what adventure to take if you are on a cruise, or what to see and do if you are taking a trip individually.

Leading Things to Do in Ketchikan

Top Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska

We have actually gone to Ketchikan 3 times and throughout our last journey, it was our last stop on our Alaskan Cruise with Holland America Lines Our cruise liner, The Nieuw Amsterdam anchored actions far from downtown Ketchikan producing a simple trip of the town.

1. Black Bears Feeding on Salmon

Best Things to do in Alaska Ketchikan Bears

Ketchikan is called the “Salmon Capital of the World,” and for an excellent factor. Visitors can go salmon fishing in the numerous rivers, streams, and lakes that surround the town however if you truly wish to see something amazing, book a trip to see black bears eating generating salmon.

The very best time to see bears feeding in the streams is in between July and September as they fatten up for their winter season hibernation. This time of year, the streams are filled with salmon making their method upstream to generate and lay their eggs. When their eggs are laid, they remain in the streams to pass away. This produces a banquet for the black bears. You can schedule this one of a kind journey beforehand here.

Things to do in Ketchikan Black Bears Feeding

When we checked out in August, the bears had actually been consuming a lot that they weren’t even consuming the complete fish any longer, they were merely biting into them for their eggs. As our guide informed us, the eggs resemble their dessert.

Prior to the trip, we took a directed walk to discover the bears. We saw where the bears sleep in between banquets, and what they like to consume and we saw a couple of locations where they have actually scratched and went up trees.

It is really a remarkable trip with the star tourist attraction being the 90 minutes at the hides where we saw half a lots bears hunt and communicate in their natural environment. Information here.

2. Picturesque Flight to Misty Fjords

Things to do in Ketchikan Scenic Flight Misty Fjords

Throughout our journey to Neets Bay, we were dealt with to a remarkable beautiful flight. However you can schedule stand-alone beautiful flights in Ketchikan and we extremely suggest it. Ketchikan beautiful flights take you over the forest and fjords of the Gulf of Alaska. You’ll get a sensational view of Ketchikan and the surrounding islands from the air, consisting of the Tongass Narrows, Revillagigedo Island, and Gravina Island.

This 1 hour beautiful flight takes you over large cliffs, waterfalls and the lakes of Misty Fjords. Window seat is ensured which is a bonus offer. Among the most awesome views is the Misty Fjords National Monolith. This natural marvel has imposing cliffs, beautiful lakes, and rich forests.

Things to do in Ketchikan Misty Fjords National Monument

Ketchikan lies in the Tongass National Park which is the biggest national park in the United States. It covers much of Southeast Alaska and from the air, you can see the large stretch of this amazing wilderness.

We saw waterfalls and we even saw a group of sea lions basking on an island throughout our flight. It is not unusual to see whales from the seaplane. More information here.

3. Self-Drive Zodiac Experience

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Zodiac Adventure

Among the very best trips we took in Ketchikan was the zodiac experience. We were dressed with our rain equipment and warm clothing prior to setting out on our own self-drive experience. After a quick intro, we followed our guide along the coast of Ketchikan through the Tongass Narrows looking for whales and bald eagles.

And we saw both! As we made our escape to open water, we found a humpback whale breaching in the range. After viewing in wonder from our small vessels, we then set out closer to the coast to see the abundance of bald eagles. We even saw one dive for fish.

It was then more time zipping through the water riding the wake of our leader taking in the websites. We even stopped to let a float aircraft land prior to continuing to dry land to take pleasure in smores by the campfire.

This adventure really was a blast. It was putting rain throughout our journey that made it much more enjoyable as we travelled through the popular misty fjords of Ketchikan. Reserve the journey here.

4. Bear Viewing

Best Places to Visit in Alaska Bear Watching Neets Bay

Seeing bears in the wild is among the most wonderful experiences. Alaska has the densest population of bears worldwide, and positions the the Alaska Rain forest Sanctuary and surrounding forests have a high concentration of Black Bears.

This extremely ranked trip uses black bear viewin g without requiring to get in an airplane. Go To the Alaska Jungle Sanctuary where you’ll trek to a raised boardwalk to enjoy bears from the security of the raised platforms.

You’ll likewise go through the wetlands of Eagle Creek looking for bald eagles and other wildlife in the location. Reserve your trip here.

5. Misty Fjords National Monolith Cruise

Things to do in Ketchikan  Misty Fjords National Monument Cruise

While seeing the Misty Fjords National Monolith from above is incredible, among the very best methods to explore it is on a boat trip. Reserve this personal little group trip to cruise past its glacial fjords, significant cliffs, and waterfalls. You’ll likewise be watching out for sea lions, whales, bears, and mountain goats.

Places that you will see are Rudyerd Bay, New Eddystone Rock, and Punchbowl Cove, and have a personal commentary and trip as you travel at your own rate. This 6 traveler bot cruise takes you by personal charter to see the cliffs, whales and wildlife of the Misty Fjords to see Rudyerd Bay, New Eddystone Rock, and Punchbowl Cove

6. Shop on Creek Street

Things to do in Ketchikan Creek Street

We like historic Creek Street. It was putting rain our very first time in Ketchikan so we truly didn’t comprehend simply how stunning this raised boardwalk running along Ketchikan Creek is. That is up until we lastly explored it on a warm day.

Creek Street is filled with store shopping, museums, and dining establishments. The boardwalk was when the town’s traffic signal district and there are still indications from the Gold Rush days of the 1890s.

The historical vibrant structures line the boardwalk along the water and look the like they performed in the 19th century. Take your time to take pleasure in the views from Creek Street and watch out for salmon spawning in Ketchikan Creek. We even saw a sea lion swimming in the water.

7. Dolly’s Home Museum

Things to do in Ketchikan Dolly's house museum

Among the structures that truly stands apart on Creek Street is Dolly’s Home Museum. This museum lies in the previous house of Dolly Arthur, a popular madam who ran a whorehouse on Creek Street throughout the early 20th century. The museum uses a peek into the history of prostitution in Ketchikan and the life of Dolly Arthur.

8. Salmon Ladder

Things to do in Ketchikan Salmon Ladder

If you see a crowd event while taking a look at the creek, opportunities are you have actually concerned Salmon Ladder. Creek Street is developed over Ketchikan Creek, and throughout the summer season, you can enjoy salmon swimming upstream to generate. The creek has a ladder that enables the fish to bypass a waterfall and continue upstream. So you will see a great deal of them gathering together right here.

9. Chief Johnston Totem Pole

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Chief Johnston Totem Pole

The Chief Johnson totem pole is among the highest totem poles worldwide, standing at 55 feet high, and is a popular landmark in the city. The totem pole was initially sculpted in the late 19th century by Tlingit artist Charlie Jones and stood in front of Chief Johnson’s home in Tongass.

You can’t miss out on seeing this work of ar, it stands at the entryway to historical Creek Street where it has actually ended up being a popular traveler destination and a sign of the area’s Native American heritage. The totem pole includes a variety of various figures, consisting of an eagle, a bear, and a human figure, each with its own symbolic significance.

10. Go To the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Southeast Alaska Discovery Center

Ketchikan is filled with cultural and historic experiences and the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center is no exception. The museum showcases the history and culture of Alaska’s southeastern area through interactive displays.

Among the displays consists of a simulated jungle, a reproduction Tlingit longhouse, and shows about the area’s fishing and logging markets.

There is likewise a libraries where visitors can enjoy movies to discover the history and culture of Alaska and its Native individuals.

11. Tongass Historic Museum

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Tongass Historical Center

If you wish to see some more museums, or if it drizzling in Ketchikan (as it frequently does), The Tongass Historic Museum shows the town’s history and heritage. There is a complimentary shuttle bus from the cruise liner port in the summer season making it ideal for a rainy day.

12. Go To the Totem Heritage Center

Things to do in Ketchikan Totem Heritage Center

Something you’ll discover all around downtown Ketchikan are the totem poles. To get more information about them, the Totem Heritage Center is a must. The museum is devoted to maintaining and showcasing the art and history of the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian Peoples.

However what brings in lots of people to the museum is its remarkable collection of totem poles, a few of which are more than 150 years of ages. You will likewise see conventional masks, carvings, and art along with displays revealing the Native culture of the location that consists of conventional searching and fishing.

The museum uses a variety of curricula, consisting of workshops on conventional arts and crafts, directed trips, and cultural efficiencies.

The Native Individuals have actually lived in the Ketchikan location for countless years and checking out the Totem Heritage Center is an exceptional method to get a much better understanding of their culture.

13. Take A Trip of the Salmon Hatchery

Things to do in Ketchikan Salmon Hatchery

We had 3 trips in one while viewing the bears feed as it happened at the Neets Bay Salmon hatchery (And we had a beautiful beautiful flight) If you can’t make the journey to Neets Bay, you might wish to take a trip of a salmon hatchery downtown.

The Deer Mountain Hatchery and Eagle Center is concentrated on reproducing salmon and launching them into the waterways. Visitors can take trips to discover the procedure and the significance of sustainable fishing practices. The hatchery likewise has a seeing location where visitors can enjoy the salmon as they swim upstream to generate.

10. Eagle Center

Things to do in Ketchikan  Eagle Center

Another popular tourist attraction within the center is the Eagle Center which is house to a number of saved eagles that are not able to make it through in the wild due to injury or other elements. The center supplies a safe and natural surroundings for the eagles and enables visitors to observe these stunning birds up close.

The Deer Mountain Tribal Hatchery and Eagle Center is an essential cultural and instructional center in Ketchikan, offering visitors with a distinct chance to discover conventional native practices and the regional wildlife.

11. Tongass National Park

Things to do in Ketchikan Tongass National Forest

The Tongass National Park is the biggest national park in the United States and covers over 17 million acres. When you go to Ketchikan, you can schedule trips to check out the forest’s large wilderness and observe a varied variety of wildlife, consisting of black bears, and bald eagles.

There are a lot of treking routes, camping websites, and fishing areas within the Tongass National park that provide a distinct chance to experience the natural appeal of Alaska. This electrical bike trip takes you through the town’s highlights followed by a trek through the wilderness. Reserve your trip here

12. Wildlife Trip of Ketchikan

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Wildlife Tour

Ketchikan is understood for its plentiful wildlife, so taking a wildlife trip is among the very best things to do in Ketchikan. You will not be hard-pressed to identify bald eagles, black bears, humpback whales, and sea lions. Visitors can take a wildlife trip, where you can observe these animals in their natural environment.

This whale and wildlife watching journey is ideal for those with a brief time and who wish to see more in less time. The trip consists of whale and wildlife watching boat journey that consists of treats and non alcohols.

14. Saxam Native Town

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Saxam Native Village

The Saxman Native Town is a cultural center lies in the Saxman Town, which is a standard Tlingit neighborhood that has actually been lived in for countless years. The center showcases cultural efficiencies and presentations. where visitors can enjoy conventional Tlingit dances, listen to Tlingit music, and see presentations of Tlingit arts and crafts.

The Saxman Native Town is house to the Saxman Totem Park, which includes the biggest collection of totem poles in Alaska. Visitors can take a directed trip of the park to discover the history and significance of the totem poles, along with the culture and customs of the Tlingit individuals. The park likewise includes a reproduction Tlingit longhouse, where visitors can discover conventional Tlingit life.

15. Totem Bight State Park

Another crucial location to go to in Ketchikan Alaska is Totem Bight State Park. The park is house to over a lots totem poles that were either sculpted in the early 1900s or were produced in the 1970s as part of a Functions Development Administration job. Each totem pole has a distinct story and significance, and there are informative indications that offer more info about every one.

The park uses directed trips and you’ll have the ability to enjoy cultural efficiencies consisting of conventional dance and music. This Ketchikan 4 in 1 Trip will satisfy you at your ship dock to take you on a journey through the highlights of Ketchikan consisting of Creek Street, the Totem Parks, look for sea animals in tide swimming pools and a salmon hatchery.

18. Go kayaking

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Kayaking

We have actually done a great deal of kayaking in Alaska and it is among the very best trips you can schedule. Kayaking is a popular activity in Ketchikan, as the town is surrounded by water. Visitors can lease a kayak and check out the numerous coves, bays, and inlets that comprise Alaska’s shoreline however we recommend taking an arranged trip for security and to truly experience the appeal of the landscape.

Kayaking is an exceptional method to get up near Alaska’s wildlife and to experience the appeal of the location’s surroundings we have actually seen a lot from a kayak in Alaska and Ketchikan is an exceptional location to have some encounters. You might have the chance see to a range of wildlife, consisting of bald eagles, seals, sea otters, and even whales. Since you are quietly paddling through the water, opportunities of spying on wildlife are significantly increased.

This kayaking trip really takes you off the beaten course. Take a high speed boat to Whale Cove and after that paddle through the islands and seaside coves following a knowledgeable guide. You’ll take pleasure in treats on your boat trip back to town while watching out for wildlife.

19. Terrific Alaskan Lumberjack Program

If you are searching for some enjoyable home entertainment in Ketchikan, have a look at the Terrific Alaskan Lumberjack Program. This is a fight in between Alaska and British Columbia that occurs at Ketchikan’s Lumberjack Sports Arena.

The lumberjacks complete in occasions that commemorate their logging heritage. Things to anticipate to see are lumberjacks encountering drifting logs, chip and saw wood at lightning-fast speeds, an ax-throwing competitors, and more. You’ll discover lumberjack history and have a rip-roaring great time followed by a meal including Dungeness crab. Reserve your tickets beforehand here.

20. Most dangerous Capture Angler’s Trip

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Deadliest Catch Fishing Tour

Among the more distinct things to do in Ketchikan is to go out on the sea to get a feel of what life resembles for anglers in Alaska. Hop aboard the Aleutian Ballad fishing boat to travel the Within Passage. Experienced anglers transport their catch on deck as share their experiences and tradition of the sea.

This trip is 2 journeys in one as you keep an aye out for wildlife like whales, sea lions, and eagles. If you are a fan of the program on Discovery, you will like this trip. Get more information here.

21. Trolley Trip

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Trolly Tour

If you merely desire a summary of the town of Ketchikan, a trolley trip is an excellent choice. The Totems, City & & Wildlife by Cable television Automobile Trolley takes you around in a San Francisco design trolley to see the Saxam Native Town and fish ladder. You might even spy bears, seals and a bald eagle ore 2 with a stop at the Herring Cove seeing location. Reserve your trolley trip here.

22. The Rock

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska The Rock

Make certain to walk along the waterside of Ketchikan and watch out for The Rock sculpture. The Rock is a gorgeous piece of Alaskan art portraying the origins of Ketchikan City. It shows 7 figures that represent individuals who assisted to construct the city. Chief Johnson stands on top surrounded by a native drummer, a frontierswoman, a small, angler and a logger. This is among the leading stops for photos.

About Ketchikan

All about Ketchikan Alaska

We like Ketchikan. From its plentiful wildlife to its abundant history there is something for everybody. If you are wanting to experience Alaska or an Alascan cruise, ensure to include Ketchikan to your list.

This village in the southeastern part of Alaska, understood for its high concentration of wildlife, totem poles, and its abundant native culture. With a population of around 8,000, Ketchikan uses visitors a distinct and memorable experience with a lot of interesting activities and destinations to check out.

There is no rejecting that Ketchikan is a popular port of call for cruise liner, with a number of ships dropping in the city every day. Opportunities are you’ll be checking out Ketchikan by cruise liner. For us, each stop we made was by cruise liner, and while it took us a couple of journeys to be able to experience a great deal of Ketchikan Alaska, you can see a lot in a brief time.

Downtown Ketchikan Map

It is simple to check out downtown in simply a number of hours if you do not invest too long in museums.

If you pick a trip that integrates a beautiful flight with wildlife watching, you’ll have the ability to have 2 trips in one. You’ll then have the remainder of the afternoon to check out downtown Ketchikan and the previous red-light district. You can most likely even pop into Dolly’s Home Museum for a fast trip.

Cruise Liner in Ketchikan

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska Cruise Ship Dock

We took a Holland American Cruise that consisted of a drop in Ketchikan and it was exceptional. Our ports of call on our cruise consisted of Anchorage to Whittier, Juneau, Skagway and cruisin through the Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay, the Within Passage and Vancouve r. More information on our Yukon, Denali Land Trip with Holland America here.

The Cruise liner dock lies downtown and is simply a brief walk to the old traffic signal district of Creek Street. Even if you do not schedule a trip of Ketchikan, you’ll have the ability to experience a great deal of this cool Alaskan Gold Rush town.

Have you been to Ketchikan? What is your preferred thing to do?

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