Previous Jacksonville Jaguars Staff Member Charged of Taking $22 Million From Group

  • A previous Jacksonville Jaguars worker is implicated of taking $22 million from the group.
  • District attorneys declare the worker utilized the cash to money a luxurious way of life.
  • He likewise utilized the funds to employ a defense attorney. the court files declare.

A previous worker of the Jacksonville Jaguars has actually been implicated of taking more than $22 million from the NFL group and costs it on a luxurious way of life that consisted of purchasing a Tesla Design 3 and an apartment, and likewise employing a defense attorney, according to court files submitted today.

The court files, submitted in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, declare that Amit Patel, a previous monetary preparation supervisor for the group, made $22.2 million in deceitful charges through the Jaguars’ business virtual charge card system in between September 2019 and February 2023.

While the court files do not straight call the Jaguars as business Patel operated at, the group stated in a declaration shown Company Expert that it was the victim of Patel’s supposed criminal activities.

” We can validate that in February 2023, the group ended the work of the specific called in the filing,” the group stated in the declaration. “Over the previous a number of months we have actually worked together completely with the FBI and the U.S. Lawyer’s Workplace for the Middle District of Florida throughout their examination and thank them for their efforts in this case.”

” As was explained in the charges, this person was a previous supervisor of monetary preparation and analysis who benefited from his relied on position to discreetly and purposefully devote substantial deceitful monetary activity at the group’s cost for individual advantage,” the Jaguars included.

Court files declare that Patel utilized the cash to put bets online, purchase an apartment in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, spend for travel on personal jets and in high-end hotels for him and his pals, purchase a Tesla Design 3 and a Nissan get truck, and purchase cryptocurrency, sports souvenirs, a $95,000 watch, sports tickets, and more.

He likewise utilized it to “lodge a retainer with a criminal defense law practice,” the court files declare.

The files declare that Patel didn’t report the purchases to the Jaguars and rather concealed them from the group.

Patel has actually been charged with one count of wire scams and one count of prohibited financial deal. District attorneys state in court files that if Patel is founded guilty, they desire him to surrender a minimum of $22 million.

Patel’s attorney, Alex King, stated in a declaration to Company Expert that Patel has actually completely worked together with the FBI and the United States Lawyer’s Workplace’s examination and prepares to plead guilty.

King stated that Patel has a “severe gaming dependency” which “around 99% of the funds abused from the Jaguars’ VCC were betting losses.”

King stated Patel purchased his “modest house,” with “primarily household cash,” which he utilized his “made funds” to acquire a Tesla Design 3.

” Mr. Patel did not utilize the Jaguars’ VCC to money his way of life, however in a terribly misdirected effort to repay previous gaming losses that used the Jaguars’ VCC program,” King stated. “Mr. Patel is deeply sorry and excuses his conduct. He enjoyed working for the Jacksonville Jaguars and regrets his actions which have actually led to him both losing his dream task and harming the company.”

King stated Patel inspected himself into an inpatient rehabilitation center previously this year to resolve his dependency.

” Mr. Patel’s severe gaming dependency does not excuse his actions, which he takes complete obligation for,” King stated.

The Jaguars stated in the group declaration that Patel “had no access to private football method, workers, or other football info.”

” The group engaged skilled law and accounting companies to perform a detailed independent evaluation, which concluded that no other group staff members were associated with or familiar with his criminal activity,” the group stated.

Update December 7, 2023: This story has actually been upgraded with declarations from Amit Patel’s lawyer got after publication.

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