From Which River to Which Sea?

When university student who have compassion with Palestinians shout “From the river to the sea,” do they understand what they’re speaking about? I employed a study company to survey 250 trainees from a range of backgrounds throughout the U.S. The majority of stated they supported the chant, some enthusiastically so (32.8%) and others to a lower level (53.2%).

However just 47% of the trainees who welcome the motto had the ability to call the river and the sea. A few of the alternative responses were the Nile and the Euphrates, the Caribbean, the Dead Sea (which is a lake) and the Atlantic. Less than a quarter of these trainees understood who Yasser Arafat was (12 of them, or more than 10%, believed he was the very first prime minister of Israel). Asked in what years Israelis and Palestinians had actually signed the Oslo Accords, more than a quarter of the chant’s advocates declared that no such peace contracts had actually ever been signed. There’s no pity in being oblivious, unless one is shrieking for the extermination of millions.

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