Titans restoring Oilers throwback uniforms, Warren Moon states


Among the NFL’s more renowned uniforms is obviously coming out of deep storage.

Hall of Popularity quarterback Warren Moon exposed on FanDuel television’s “Up & & Adams” that the Tennessee Titans will bring their Oilers uniforms out of mothballs as throwbacks in 2023.

” I talked with the owner about it,” Moon stated, a referral to the Titans’ Amy Adams Strunk. “She was waiting on the helmets to be authorized. Now that you can use the helmet, we’re using the entire uniform this year − and it might be versus the Houston Texans.”

After years of firmly insisting groups utilize one helmet, supposedly to restrict head injuries, the NFL authorized using alternate headgear in 2015. Tennessee’s main helmet is navy.

The Titans started their presence as the Houston Oilers with the Football League in 1960. Their color pattern and appearance developed through the years however maybe ended up being best understood for the “Columbia Blue,” scarlet and white appearance Moon rocked in the 1980s. The helmet included a Columbia Blue oil derrick described in scarlet.

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The franchise transferred to Tennessee following the 1996 season and was referred to as the Tennessee Oilers for the next 2 years. In 1999, the company changed its name to the Tennessee Titans, revealing a brand-new logo design and uniforms while doing so. That likewise ended up being the only season in which the club reached the Super Bowl, losing to the St. Louis Rams 23-16.

The Titans maintained the rights to the Oilers’ logo design and colors, therefore avoiding the Texans − they signed up with the league in 2002 as its newest growth club, filling deep space in Houston − from utilizing them.

The only time the Titans have actually used any variation of Oilers throwbacks took place in 2009, which commemorated the AFL’s 50th anniversary.


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